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Hotels lives in pop’s dark corners, with post-punk roots giving way to flower petals of psych, jazz noir, electro, and surf.

On 2016’s “Night Showers”, vibraphone, trumpet, violin, and cello joined the band’s traditional driving rhythms and dreamscape guitars, adding to an already unique brand of movie soundtrack-esque pop–picture the lush acoustic arrangements of Stereolab or Sufjan Stevens filtered through the darkness of David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks”. The band’s currently-in-production effort, “Great Soups”, will be a return to synth-drenched form, but with a twist: powerhouse vocalist Adra Boo has joined the group, ushering in a new era–and new level–of vocal interplay with bassist/lead singer Blake Madden, as well as the birth of a band that breathes fire live.