“Hotels fuse elements of new wave, goth, and surf so seamlessly that genre tags will be the last thing on your mind when you hear their bittersweet, atmospheric pop songs.”


“With a taste for the cinematic, Hotels come off like the ultimate ‘80s soundtrack band, something akin to a cross between the dreamy haze of M83 and the angsty garage rock of The Strokes.”



“With its emphasis on real strings, horns, and marimbas, Night Showers sees [Blake] Madden redirecting his ambitions sonically. There’s a marked shift in his songwriting and execution, with more nuanced atmospherics and sophisticated melodies coming to the fore. It’s Hotels’ most organic-sounding record, and it’s also, beyond a shadow of a doubt, their best work yet.”

– Tony Kay, The SunBreak

“Hotels ‘Night Showers’ blooms with jazz, electro and surf elements, stemming away from gloom while still rooted in the velvety darkness of pop noir. On “Tony Leung,” willowy violins with dark psychedelic guitar riffs create a hauntingly beautiful landscape for Madden and Irene Barber’s vocals to weave intricately together. “Linette” is a mischevious surf rock jam that has a slight ’80s Tarantino vibe while “Wildwood” dives back into a film-noir mysteriousness that shadows in tip-toeing bass lines with Adra Boo’s soulful voice throughout. The title track “Night Showers” combines the intricate, spacey compositions with ensembles of cello, violin and vibraphone. The album’s seemingly synth-heavy sound is softened by the use of acoustic ensembles and steady, thoughtful compositions.”

– Megan Ternes, Do206